RailRace 1.1

Put yourself behind the wheel of a goods train

RailRace: racing on the railroad, for speed and for fun! You are in control of a train, your goal is to go the distance past all waypoints as quick as possible. Stop your train at all stations, wait for the green light, and continue moving. Pay attention to turns and the slanting angle. You may go off the tracks if going too fast! Mind the time: in case you run out of time, you'll have to start the level again! Outstanding graphics and realistic sounds make this game a must-have for all Palm gamers.

Other features:

  • 9 maps of various landscape types with increasing difficulty
  • Excellent 16-bit, high resolution graphics with Hi-Res+ (320x480) support
  • Sophisticated visual effects
  • Quality sound effects
  • Easy game control
  • Full support for all types of expansion cards
  • Works on all modern PalmOS powered handhelds with at least 320x320 screen resolution
  • High scores table with export to online chart

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RailRace 1.1

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